Executive Search

Our role is to be a consultant and strategic advisor in this vital area by providing informed judgment, market intelligence and expert insight, not just a list of prospective candidates.

We add consultative value whenever possible to not only find the top talent in the industry, but to help our clients solve organizational problems.

A “Best Team” Approach

To ensure we’re providing the highest level of service, we employ a “best team” approach to each project. Internal and external team members are chosen for their industry expertise, geographic reach and prior search experience. Once the team is formed, we follow time-proven procedures that consistently produce executives that best contribute to your long-term success.

Consistent Communication

The single most important element of a successful search project is our communication with the client. The majority of our work is done when we’re not with you, so it’s our responsibility to keep you informed at all times. Part of our process is to routinely communicate with you to ensure you are always aware of the progress of your search project.

four step

search process


Step 1 – Establish Objectives  

1. Assemble the search team to gather information on your company’s culture and business, competitors, and review overall market conditions.

2. Obtain an understanding of your expectations for the position.

3. Assess the challenges for the search, construct a successful search strategy and develop a position profile.

4. You endorse search scope, compensation parameters and organizational reporting relationship.


Result: An effective recruitment strategy

Step 2 – Candidate Identification

1. Identify every individual currently performing this position and every candidate who could be promoted into this role within each source company.

2. Contact the candidates listed on research and assess their level of qualification.

3. Conduct all initial interviewing with prospective candidates.

4. Review the comprehensive candidate summary with client and make necessary adjustments.


ResultA roster of your industry’s top talent for review

Step 3 – Client & Candidate Interaction

1. Schedule interviews.

2. Obtain feedback from you and the candidate concerning post-interview thoughts and impressions.

3. Select and interview finalists.

4. Manage tangible and intangible client and candidate concerns.


ResultFinal candidate selected

Step 4 – Selection & Transition

1. Obtain the list of references from candidate and pursue non-supplied references.

2. Check references and provide the client with data.

3. Compensation negotiation.

4. Monitor the resignation process and aid in crucial transition issues.


ResultWe provide you with a long-term leadership solution