We have reached a milestone in our planet's history where the energy we use has forever changed the way we live and how we look at the world.

Rising energy demand, increasing competition, alternative fuel technologies, unprecedented energy security and environmental imperatives are driving a major shift in the energy industry. We need alternative and renewable sources as well as energy-efficient technologies—and we need them to evolve at a significant rate because competition for limited resources presents an increasingly volatile and highly challenging operating climate.

Thankfully, the energy sector possesses many innovators, established entities and entrepreneurs who are well positioned to effect very positive changes. Technology exists currently on many levels to help position us for this “new” energy world. The options are endless: nuclear, renewable energy and bioenergy, power architecture, energy efficiency and fuel cell technology.

These trends are creating the need for a new class of leaders. Our skills in the energy sector enable us to offer seamless solutions across industries and geographic markets. We uncover multicultural and multi-skilled executives in established as well as emerging markets. We recruit revolutionary thinkers who can help natural resource companies meet intense challenges.

“Because of Yarmouth & Choate’s ability to understand the factors of success for our unique position they were able to source extremely strong candidates of which we were confident would be successful in this new role.” -Chief Strategy Officer