In today’s complex business environment, nearly every decision has legal ramifications, so world-class legal talent is a prized commodity.

General counsel is expected to serve as both legal and general business expert to the executive team and the board. Law firms of all sizes find themselves in the midst of globalization and multidisciplinary practices; clients have international needs and expect one firm to handle a multitude of specialty legal services.

Our teams of expert consultants are global leaders in the recruitment of counsel for major corporations and law firms. We understand the demands on your internal resources at all levels and the resulting urgency of your search, so we collaborate across all industries and specializations to identify and attract leading law talent as efficiently as possible. We also strive to achieve the ideal match between the client’s requirements and culture and the candidate’s value system.


“One of the other unique things that Yarmouth & Choate does that I value highly, is to follow up with people well after the time they’re hired; Rob doesn’t just place people and forget them, he stays in touch to see how things are going.” -Enterprise Risk Management Executive