Targeted Services

We take a fact-based approach to executive marketing.

In a world that changes continuously, the risks are now too great to rely exclusively on an internally focused lens. External evaluation—conducted by third-party experts—is an invaluable and essential tool to accurately and pragmatically set career goals and aspirations.



Beyond professional excellence, candidates want search consultants using a proven process who are responsive to their needs and priorities. As a candidate, you have a right to expect recruiters to show an appropriate sense of urgency, who will act on your behalf as an advocate, and who are sensitive to the discretionary issues of a confidential search. We make all of these expectations part of our process. In addition, communication throughout the process is truly interactive. Our consultants are accessible to their candidates at all times and in all matters, large and small. Our approach is genuine; we work collectively as consultant and candidate in the realization of your goals. You can trust us with your goals and ambitions.

The Action Plan

The heart of executive marketing is the action plan—one designed by means of strategy through meticulous and deliberate thought, collectively considering candidate strengths, market conditions, and career progression. However, no matter how proactive leading industry employers may be, the need for an individual with your talents may not appear to be apparent to them at the time you begin your search. At BDS Yarmouth & Choate, we are market makers. As part of your action plan, we champion your cause and create an interest and a resulting demand in your skills and accomplishments.