Finance & Accounting

We fully understand that today’s accounting, finance and audit teams face a tough balancing act.

They have more risk and responsibilities and fewer resources than any time in history. The constant pull on their time and talent keeps them continually off balance, unable to find firm footing in highly critical areas. Today’s financial leadership roles have expanded to include business architects, strategists, process gurus, technology specialists, and regulators, yet none of the traditional accounting responsibilities have gone away. To further complicate matters, there are fewer qualified people to hire.

We maintain close and active relationships with leading corporations (public or private), entrepreneurial start-ups, public accounting firms, and consulting firms, as well as leading domestic and international banks and other financial institutions, whom we work with to place high-quality candidates at all levels, with an emphasis on executive management. We provide both our clients and our candidates with the attention and expertise they deserve by combining an in-depth knowledge of their corporate culture with an individual’s specific talents, experience and needs.

“Our decision to partner with Yarmouth & Choate for executive recruiting was due to their financial services industry focus, expertise within this space and their unique ability to fully understand our organization and become a critical extension of our team. Their ability to source and qualify candidates that would be a strong fit for us culturally as much as for job specific qualifications is exceptional.”
-Chief Strategy Officer