Who We Are - A Recognized Leader in Executive Search and Consultation

BDS Yarmouth & Choate was founded on the simple yet essential premise: we provide our clients with consistent, efficient and effective service, supported by industry expertise and tailored to your unique needs and challenges. We pride ourselves in offering a level of service that has become increasingly rare in the search and consulting industry.

Industry Specialities

Our core competency is helping our clients evolve to meet the ever-increasing needs of their customers, employees and shareholders—as well as the demands of the local, national and global marketplace. We do this by providing a broad spectrum of services that support every facet of your business.

A Client-Centered Organization

Our company is organized around you. Our philosophy is centered on your need for fast results, so we never waste your time on candidates who are not a solid fit. We manage your search productivity and efficiency through market knowledge, resource allocation and an emphasis on the importance of full in-market, regional and national candidate pool penetration, and we actively manage search strategies that are custom designed to fulfill your unique needs—no matter how complex. Each engagement reflects your unique factors:

  • Desired level of candidate industry tenure
  • Compensation parameters
  • Previous search activity
  • Search completion time horizon
  • Realistic performance objectives
  • Market conditions
  • Knowledge of position specific in-market and out-of-region contacts

A “Best of the Best” Mission

Our open architecture approach to search management is the ideal approach to ensure flexibility to meet each client’s unique requirements. We leverage our extensive market knowledge, network of contacts and industry relationships to construct a solid foundation of best-in-class search consultants and research analysts who will complement your organization’s strengths and attributes. We subject all associates to a rigorous screening process prior to joining our firm.

We scrutinize quantitative factors based on the associate’s prior performance, consistency of search coverage and the leverage of market and peer group contacts. Additional reviews that seek to determine the associate’s ability to perform in the future focus on many factors, including the experience and integrity of the associate, the soundness and capacity of their client-centered solution or strategy and how they will complement your existing infrastructure. We also continually monitor all associates to ensure that they adhere to our standards for client satisfaction.

Relationship Management – A True Partnership

The cornerstone of what we do is our relationship with you.  We consider ourselves as partners with you because we believe that is the best way to provide you with exactly what you need. Everything we do is based on guidelines created during our initial (and ongoing) discussions with you; however, these guidelines can change as your priorities change or evolve. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we send out regular updates to keep you abreast of project developments and how we interpret them.