Next to innovation, infrastructure is regarded as a cornerstone of commerce.

Highways, the energy grid, schools, bridges, airports and water are all building blocks of infrastructure that support the conveniences and necessities of commerce and life.

Repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure remains one of the most pressing issues, a challenge in which the federal government is being urged to intervene. In addition to federal initiatives, budgetary constraints both in the U.S. and across the globe are encouraging governments to seek private-sector financing. Many believe that private investment into the infrastructure will continue to grow as the funding gap widens. Investors and politicians alike see investment in infrastructure as an urgent necessity and privatization as a viable alternative.

We can help you attract talent with the acumen and vision to lead companies, from multi-billion dollar corporations to venture capital-backed startups, through complex industry concerns. Whatever your infrastructure leadership needs—from candidates with extensive investment banking experience to proficiencies in analyzing and executing structured financing—our consultants understand and can provide valuable insight.

“My experience has been highly positive and is characterized by a personal relationship. Rob used his experience and instincts, as well as extensive conversations to fully understand our needs. Besides presenting viable hiring candidates, Rob leverages his reputation and his network to provide thoughtful solutions.  He is tactful, knowledgeable and highly professional.” -Executive Vice President & Director