Regulatory, Audit and Compliance Risk Management

Events in recent years have dramatically changed the face of banking. Compliance, regulatory, and audit regulations have increased dramatically in number and complexity. Financial institutions of all sizes are under more scrutiny than ever, and risk management has become a top priority. Practices and supporting technology structures must be scrutinized and often restructured to meet new demands. It’s complex and challenging, but if your organization does not conform, the penalties are harsh.

Today’s environment calls for experts who know how to build a company-wide, integrated framework that can identify, monitor and control risks—and provide guidance and leadership to ensure the standards and processes are followed to the letter.

These professionals need to have the know-how to build a robust plan, but also the ability to adjust to a constantly changing regulatory landscape—while keeping in perspective the organization’s goals to serve customers and be profitable. We have the connections and expertise to provide you with tenured candidates in the areas of compliance, regulatory and audit risk management and who are up to date on best practices. These individuals are also scrutinized for their characteristics to ensure a good fit within your organization’s culture. BDS Yarmouth & Choate is the partner worthy of your confidence to find risk management professionals you can also trust.